Alabama Rot

Alabama rot/ Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV)

*Update on the suspected case of Alabama Rot / CRGV in the Battle area.* Feb 2016

We understand the anxiety and concern which has followed the report of a suspected case of CRGV in this area. CRGV is a serious, frequently fatal condition of dogs of which the cause is unknown. Because the cause is unknown there is no reliable advice on how to prevent or reduce the incidence of this disease. Many cases have occurred in dogs which were walked frequently in woodland. This link with woodla...nd is being investigated but is, as yet, unproven.

The owner of the recently affected dog has consented to us sharing the following information about her two year old Spaniel that died in mid-January.

In the last few days the pathology report has confirmed that the findings were consistent with CRGV. The dog was not frequently walked in the woods. In the previous two month period the dog had been walked only once in Battle Great Wood and had been washed with tap-water when it returned home. The majority of its exercise was pavement walks and exercise in the garden. No other woodland had been visited in the previous two month period.

Whilst not wanting to discount the possible risk of walking dogs in woodland, we would remind people that the link is not proven. Washing dogs after a woodland walk is probably sensible for many reasons.

We, of course, hope that the cause of CRGV will be found soon and that effective prevention will be possible. In the meantime, any dog with suspicious skin symptoms (ulcers or sore spots on feet, legs, mouth, face or belly) should be seen promptly by a vet.


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Alabama Rot