What is Diabetes? 

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition whereby the animal has a blood glucose imbalance caused by a lack of available insulin.

'Blood Sugar' (Glucose) is the fuel needed by the cells of the body to live and function. To absorb glucose from the blood  the cells require the presence of a hormone 'Insulin' which is produced by the pancreas.

If the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin OR the cells in the body become unable to respond to insulin then a blood glucose imbalance will occur, the cells will be unable to absorb glucose and the blood glucose levels will remain high.

If this problem  persists the animal will then begin to exhibit unusual symptoms commonly an increased appetite, increased thirst and increased urination. They will also eventually start losing weight despite eating well.

If your pet is showing these symptoms please arrange for them to have an examination - if you could bring a fresh urine sample at the same time this can help in establishing a diagnosis.

Please note - avoid bringing the urine to us in a container that may have contained sugar as this can confuse the test. If using a Jamjar please clean thoroughly first with boiling water.