Prescriptions (Farm)

To prescribe medicines for use on the farm it is a requirement that we dispense only to animals directly under our care and that we are able to ascertain that the client is competant in the use , storage and safe disposal of the the product.

To achieve this it is ideal for us to have attended or examined stock in the previous six months or so. Where requirements are less frequent (for example medicines supplies for lambing) a pre lambing visit may be appropriate which is also a useful opportunity to discuss flock planning and managing any existing health issues.

When ordering medicines it would be appreciated if at least 24 hours notice could be given.

Please note that there is a normally a charge incurred for Written Prescriptions both for medicines and for Medicated Food Stuffs (MFS)

Online Medication Request form

Please note this is for repeat prescriptions only. This is not for veterinary enquiries or call-outs. We will respond to your request within 72 hours.


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