Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD) and Myxomatosis are diseases found throughout the UK and can be fatal to un-vaccinated rabbits. Both outdoor AND indoor rabbits are at risk. RVHD in particular is highly infectious and contagious.  It is an air borne virus, it can be spread by biting insects (as can Myxo), it can be spread by direct and indirect contact with infected rabbits. For example – if you, your dog or cat has walked on ground where a VHD infected rabbit has been, you can carry it on your clothes or shoes, your other pets can carry it on fur or feet. The virus can survive in the environment for a long time and can survive cold temperatures far better than you might expect.


In the past year there has been increasing concern over the spread of a new strain of RVHD named RVHD 2. Until recently there has been no vaccine to protect against this. We are now able to provide the vaccine.


We need to import this vaccine from overseas, so please contact us if you would like your rabbit to be protected.

The new vaccine is not a replacement for the current combo vaccine and will need to be given as well as the usual one. Its important to note that these vaccines cannot be given at the same time and need at least a 2 week gap between them.

In total, your rabbit will now require 2 vaccinations per year:
1) Nobivac combo – Just one injection covers them for myxomatosis and RHVD1.
2) Filavac RHVD – 1 injection at least 2 weeks post combi vaccine. This covers them against RHVD2.
You need to leave AT LEAST 2 weeks gap between the different types of vaccines.
Give us a call if you'd like to bring your rabbit in for a full health check and vaccine or if you would like to chat to a member of our team.
N.B No vaccination is 100% effective and it does not mean your pet will not contract the disease. However, it does mean they have a chance to be treated and survive these normally fatal illnesses.