Senior Clinics

Our senior-focused health screen will look for common geriatric diseases to make sure that your faithful companion is in tip-top shape.  Spotting problems early on allows monitoring and earlier intervention if needed, helping prolong great quality of life. 

We will be able to pick up signs of

-       Kidney Disease

-       Arthritis

-       Dental Disease

-       Heart Disease

And other potential problems associated with old age

Cats are very good at hiding signs of illness. Research shows 90% of cats over the age of 12yrs have arthritis and unfortunately a diagnosis of feline kidney disease is often only picked up once at least 75% of renal function has been lost.

Many older dogs suffer from dental disease. Plaque build-up on the teeth causes a rough surface for bacteria to breed. Gums may become red and sore and teeth under the plaque may be rotting away.

Laura Cullen, one of our vets, has an interest in geriatric diseases and will give your pet a thorough health check. This will include a routine blood sample and urine analysis, as well as any advice on caring for your elderly pet. Phone in to find out Laura's availability. 01424 772148

Geriatric Screen Prices, including vet check and blood and urine samples are great value at £60. Thats over a 20% discount.


Senior clinics are not designed for elderly pets already diagnosed with medical issues.

Further Information

Care of Your Senior Pet - Click to download PDF