The Vaccination Consultation time allows us to perform a thorough check-up on your pet, and for you to chat about any concerns you may have; don't hesitate to ask.

Here at Senlac, we've chosen to use the highest-quality vaccines available, to ensure a safe and complete response. Not all vaccines are equal!

Our canine vaccine confers protection against two newly-emerging strains of Leptospirosis, not included in many standard vaccines ranges. Our feline 'Purevax' injections are considered a superior choice for many reasons. They offer consistant and high levels of protection, and is the only vaccine brand on the market that does not contain an adjuvant, thus greatly reducing the incidence of reactions at the injection site.

We see cases of preventable diseases in our clinic every month, many seriously ill. It's an upsetting situation, when protection is so readily available.

Puppies and kittens receive vaccinations at the time that natural protection from their mother starts to wane. Vaccines work by stimulating the body's immune system to mount a protective response against specific diseases. The immune system then remembers these diseases, enabling it to defend the body against any natural exposure to that disease in the future.

Adult pets require regular boosters to 'remind' the immune system and enhance the level of protection. We strongly believe in vaccinating approprite to the risks and needs of your pet; do discuss suitable protocols with your vet. For example, Canine Leptospirosis vaccination is needed each year; it is a 'dead' vaccine type, which requires annual boosting, and is a high-risk disease for our soggy Wealden countryside. Parvovirus, by contrast, may only require inclusion in the injection protocol every few years, as immunity can be persistant.

We will send a reminder card when it is time to repeat a booster vaccination.

Our canine vaccines offer protection against Parvovirus, Distempter, Canine Infectious Hepatitis and four strains of Leptospirosis. These diseases are severe and can be fatal. They are difficult to treat, but easy to prevent. In addition, we strongly recommend annual protecion against Kennel Cough, a persistant tracheal infection that's very readily passed from one dog to another.

Your cat will receive protection against several agents which cause highly-infectious Cat Flu, as well as cover for Feline Infectious Enteritis and Feline Leukaemia Virus.

Rabies vaccination for cats and dogs is required when your pet travels abroad. Look for further information on our Pet Travel Scheme page.


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