Pet obesity is a growing problem. Over half the pets we see at the surgery are overweight.

If your pet is even just a few pounds overweight they have an increased risk of developing diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

Simply reducing the amount of food you feed your pet is not enough, this can encourage begging and your pet may be lacking essential nutrients from the diet.

Come to the surgery for a one-to-one FREE consultation with a nurse. They will weigh your pet and work out a complete feeding and exercise regime.

We do advise that your pet be fed a prescription diet as these are proven to work and have shown great success, however, if you do not want to change your pet's diet a nurse will be happy to advise you on how to adjust your current regime to benefit your pet.

Your nurse will schedule regular check ups so that we can provide ongoing support until your pet reaches their target weight.

We will do our very best to get your pet to a healthy weight, but the main aid to weight loss is YOU. This programme requires strict compliance or you will not see the expected results.

Receive your first bag of diet food FREE until April 2016